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American Holly / Ilex opaca Family members: Holly / Aquifoliaceae. Characteristics:American Holly is a broadleaf evergreen tree with medium-coarse texture and a average expansion amount. Distinctly pyramidal when younger, it gets a lot more open and irregular with age.

Leaves are alternate evergreen, one. 5 to four inches lengthy and fifty percent as wide, with spiny enamel along their margins. Dazzling purple fruit persist during winter season and are eaten by birds. Native seedlings are appropriate for restoration jobs. Landscape Takes advantage of:Use American Holly for screening or as a specimen tree. It prefers deep, fertile soils plantidentification with adequate humidity and partial shade.

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It will adapt to entire sunshine. 20 to fifty ft tall and 15 to 30 toes wide. Zones:Habitat:Grows on moist web pages, flood plains and decrease slopes. It can be discovered in mixed hardwood forests and often on dry, sandy internet sites in south Ga. Native To:Massachusetts to Florida and west to Missouri and Texas. Comments:The foliage is customarily minimize (together with berries) for Xmas decorations it is occasionally utilized as an out of doors Christmas tree.

Fruit are appreciated by cedar waxwings, cardinals and other birds. Fruit are borne on female trees only (male and feminine trees are separate). Black Walnut / Juglans nigra Loved ones: Walnut / Juglandaceae. Characteristics:Black Walnut is a substantial tree with a fine texture and loose, open up sort. It typically develops a trunk that is devoid of branches for quite a few toes from the ground. Its wood is useful for home furniture and veneers simply because of its gorgeous grain.

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Leaves are alternate, pinnately compound, 12 to 24 inches lengthy, with fifteen to 23 leaflets. The terminal leaflet is generally lacking. Fruit are really hard nuts encased in a inexperienced husk. Landscape Utilizes:Black Walnut is a wonderful shade tree for stream banking companies and flood plains.

It prefers moist soils. Stay away from planting it future to parking heaps for the reason that slipping fruit can dent autos. 75 to one hundred ft tall with a canopy width of fifty to 75 toes. Zones:Habitat:Moist, effectively-drained soils in the wild.

It was typically planted close to old household sites. Native To:Massachusetts to Florida, and west to Minnesota and Texas. Comments:Black Walnut makes the chemical juglone in its roots and leaves, which kills or inhibits progress of other vegetation nearby. It is a superior-benefit wildlife tree. Eastern Purple Cedar / Juniperus virginiana Relatives: Juniper / Cupressaceae. Characteristics:Eastern Purple Cedar is an aromatic evergreen tree with a conical to columnar formed crown. It has a medium development amount and texture. Handsome grayish- to reddish-brown bark exfoliates into extended strips. Leaves are scale-like, carefully pressed and overlapping. Summer time colour is medium inexperienced and wintertime coloration is dull environmentally friendly.

There are male and woman trees. Landscape Works by using:Eastern Red Cedar is an exceptional specimen tree. It also is useful for windbreaks, hedges, shelter belts and topiary. It is tolerant of adverse circumstances and weak soils as well as a vast assortment in pH. It prefers a sunny location and moist loam on effectively-drained subsoil.

It is not shade tolerant and does not like increasing under a hefty overstory. 40 to 50 toes tall and eight to 20 toes huge. Size is particularly variable over its considerable indigenous assortment. Zones:Habitat:Dry, upland, rocky soils, particularly calcareous soils.

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