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When I think of great video game adventures, I think of Zelda. And when I think of Zelda, there’s no purer experience than A Link to the Past. It’s undoubtedly deserving of its number one spot on the Top 10 Best SNES Games. It is impossible to trace Chrono Trigger’s brilliance to any single source. The motley crew of a party you assemble exudes endless charm as they grow into an unlikely team representing nearly every corner of the world and of history.

  • There is relatively significant fluctuation on this one based on condition, as it is another of the late-release SNES titles manufactured to lower quality standards in Mexico.
  • However, due to the scarcity of the game and growing awareness of the title amongst gamers, a good condition copy of Metal Warriors has perhaps the greatest growth potential of any game on this Top Ten list.
  • As with most of the games on this Top Ten list, time has been rather kind to Super Turrican 2.

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With Mega Man X, Capcom took everything that worked about the series and made it better. Beautiful visuals, tight and responsive controls, well-designed levels, and a catchy soundtrack all helped this new iteration stand out. EarthBound‘s strange setting and characters quickly set it apart from others in the genre, but it’s so much more than just a weird game. It’s an unforgettable journey that absorbs you into its world, disarms you with its quirky humor, then surprises you with SNES ROMs its emotional depth. It’s not afraid to explore darker themes, despite its lighthearted appearance.

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Things like storytelling, puzzles, exploration, and combat are all crucial ingredients, and A Link to the Past struck a perfect balance between all of them. Its expertly-crafted world, intriguing plot, and engaging combat all constantly compel you to press on and discover more. Add in beautiful, ageless 16-bit graphics and engrossing soundtrack, and you’ve got a winning formula.

The active time battle system maintains strategic turn-based conventions at a breakneck, adrenaline-pumping pace. By the time Super Nintendo rolled around, Mega Man was a well-established brand. The Blue Bomber was the face of the action-platformer genre, but it was time for the next step.

Donkey Kong Country was the hit of the 1994 holiday season, pulling Nintendo firmly ahead of Sega Genesis in the 16-bit home console race. The game almost single-handedly extended the market viability of the Super NES while Nintendo readied its next-generation console, theNintendo 64. Unfortunately, Yoshi’s Island appeared on the market near the end of the Super NES’s lifespan, making it one of the best but least-played games on the platform. There are many elements that go into making a great Zelda game and a great adventure game in general.

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