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These results have useful implications in research and practice. Crowdwork often entails tackling cognitively-demanding and time-consuming tasks. Crowdsourcing can be used for complex annotation tasks, from medical imaging to geospatial data, and such data powers sensitive applications, such as health diagnostics or autonomous driving. However, the existence and prevalence of underperforming crowdworkers is well-recognized, and can pose a threat to the validity of crowdsourcing. In this study, we propose the use of a computational framework to identify clusters of underperforming workers using clickstream trajectories.

What will be more interesting will be how airlines approach revenue creation when demand returns. Perhaps they will allow customers to more easily book out a middle seat for distancing. Or add some sort of “peace of mind” free softwares product that guarantees the airline will take care of you if flights are cancelled or quarantines are put in place.

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But couriers like FedEx survived and even flourished — they lost high-yield business, but the overall growth trends were in their favor. I suspect something similar will play out with airline travel. Longer term, you will see the introduction of technologies to increase hygiene. Touchless seats that connect to Bluetooth on your phone to lower your seat back or fold out your tray; touchless lavatories; more regimented boarding procedures so people aren’t falling over each other in the aisles. At airports, you’ll see facial recognition technology and tracking through customs and boarding, so customers and staff aren’t touching the same boarding pass.

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  • However, not all consumer reviews are deemed to be helpful.
  • This study uses latent semantic analysis and regression analysis using a sample of 490 extremely negative and 3757 extremely positive ratings of hotels from
  • Online reviews have become irreplaceable product/service information for many consumers.
  • We indicate that the proposed learning method is comparable to or even better than the helpfulness vote method by showing an improvement over the accuracy of the latter method of 1.57% $~ 4.54%.
  • Results show that some product attributes discussed in consumer reviews are particularly important in the determination of the helpfulness of consumer reviews associated with extreme ratings.

Join ResearchGate to find the people and research you need to help your work. information has raised privacy concerns among the consumers. Hence, information collection has become increasingly expensive and difficult as consumers are realizing the value and implications of disclosing their personal information online. Results show that these three factors influence consumer disclosure online significantly, and in turn affect the attitude and future patronage intention.

The trick will be determining what customers will be willing to pay for above the ticket price and what they will expect as part of airlines’ delivering a safe experience. Should airlines have better prepared for the Covid-19 pandemic? How will the passenger experience be different when flying rebounds? Four industry observers discuss their predictions withHarvard Business Review. I’ve had my share of annoying airline situations this year, but this odd policy from a third-party travel agency takes the cake as the strangest.

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