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The other side of the island to the left of where you spawn has a decent length shallow area that is good for finding swimmers and waders. Tropical Terror – Eat 50 Tropical Fish – 50 Gold – These are the small harmless, colorful fish that tend to be in schools. I am a Big fan of Hollywood Movies and Marvel Stories. If you are curious about the gameplay and graphics then lookout below for gameplay screenshot.

As gem is premium currency so it has own premium role. Basically, it is used in the purchase of premium and bigger shark. Those shark are too much fast and helpful in progressing way better than others. There are two currencies in this game which Download Hungry Shark Evolution APK for Android are coin and gem. Coin is primary currency whereas gem is premium one.

Download Hungry Shark Evolution V6 7.0 Mod Apk

You can use the AppBrain Ad Detector app to detect libraries in apps installed on your device. If you manage to eat enough, of course, you can! Start off being as small as a small shark eating crabs, small fish, and seashells. Once you eat enough, you evolve into something larger – a more powerful being that will soon rip and gulp anything in its path.

If you want to experience life as a shark, just download Hungry Shark Evolution. Of course, there should be anxiety about deep-sea electrical shockers and toxic fish. Note that there are better fish in deep sea areas, but a shark can not survive for too long in deep water with a very high pressure. The game is available in two mission-free modes, which you can use from two types of touch controllers or accelerometers to drive shark. Really enjoying the events and rewards & challenges. Can be a little frustrating with controls at times Nothing too major though.

Hungry Shark Evolution Review

Touching another finger on the screen will make you rush faster, increasing your ability to eat the fish. When you collect a certain amount of food, you will activate Gold Rush. During the Gold Rush, players will not be limited to speeding up, becoming immortal for a few seconds and turning everything into coins . If you just started to play HUNGRY SHARK EVOLUTION you won’t really feel the need of having lots of Coins and Gems, but it changes when you reach a higher level.

  • Have fun with the friends and family to Answer incoming video calls from Grinch.
  • In which the player controls their shark control moves faster than just shark attacks at sea and swipe on a screen.
  • Hungry shark game has 50 million downloads on Google paly store.
  • It’s diet is the same as the Hammerhead except it can also eat Pufferfish after they have puffed, Gulper fish, and the enemy Tiger Shark.
  • An aggressive hammerhead whacks the mako shark with its hammer head, taking its place eating yet more dangerous prey.
  • Interestingly, in this game you can change is the greater Shark and evolve.
  • The striking feature of Ice shark is its ability to freeze nearby prey and slow them down.

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