How exactly to change the plug on the dryer to support a 3- or outlet that is 4-prong

How exactly to change the plug on the dryer to support a 3- or outlet that is 4-prong

Have actually you ever relocated to a brand new household, gone to connect in your dryer, and CRAP! the plug does not fit?

Many houses have either a 3-prong or 4-prong socket for your dryer. In the event that you purchased a unique dryer odds are the dryer didn’t have an electric cable after all, as soon as you move homes you’ve got a 50/50 possibility that the existing plug is going to work with whatever socket your property comes with.

Just what exactly are you currently designed to do? Call an electrician for a pretty cent simply to hook up a brand new cord for your needs? It really is among the simplest DIYs on the market. There’s absolutely no explanation you’ll want to waste your money when it’s possible to easily swap the dryer plug out yourself.

Our new household has a dryer socket for a 3-prong plug. Our final two homes have experienced 4-prong outlets, so our dryer includes an outlet that is 4-prong it.

Truthfully, the most thing that is annoying this whole situation is certainly not also being forced to swap out of the cable; it’s whenever you go to plug in your dryer and you also need certainly to make use of the dryer AT THIS TIME and also you discover your plug does not fit. Argh! day at the hardware shop!

You can always order a 3-prong plug or 4-prong plug on Amazon if you plan ahead. Otherwise, these replacement should be carried by any hardware store cords.

We demonstrably bought the 3-prong cable to match the 3-prong socket when you look at the wall surface.

And today, to swap them out… My dryer features a diagram from the relative straight straight back from it showing just how to install the cable to your dryer. Really can’t get easier than this.

First, locate where your cable attaches to your relative straight back of the dryer. You can view that the 4-prong cable currently connected to the dryer has 4 cables connected to the straight back associated with dryer.

Very Carefully remove most of the tiny screws and eliminate the cable through the dryer. Again, CAREFULLY. You’ll need these screws once again and it’s also quite simple to accidentally drop them down the straight back of one’s dryer in to the abyss, to never be restored once again.

After the diagram regarding the straight back of this dryer, connect the brand new cable to the dryer. The difference that is only a 3-prong and a 4-prong is the fact that 4-prong features a white (ground) wire that attaches into the straight back regarding the dryer as well as the 3-prong will not. Both forms of cable have an L1, L2, and a basic.

As soon as you screw your brand new cable to your dryer, plug ‘er into the wall, step right back, and marvel which you completely rocked all of this all on your own. It’s going to be an empowering moment, therefore just just take one minute if you want one.

Now return to work. The washing is mounting up. It doesn’t just clean itself (well, it kinda does, however you need certainly to load it in there).

Here’s my extremely messy, really newly unpacked washing room. We’ve done exactly ZERO projects in this space since relocating 30 days ago, but I’m sure you certainly will cut me personally some slack. We did just relocate in the end. If only folding laundry had been as easy and quick as swapping out of the dryer cord.

Now get DIY something! And keep coming back and let me know everything you DIYd. I enjoy hearing stories from YOU additionally.

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