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With this application, your lover will be always with you. ❥ Love days counter, been together love days counter and couple tracker love days, lovedays counter and Lovedays counter. One of the best long-distance relationship apps, MyLove is a very easy-to-use and fun app. It lets you know exactly how long you and boo have been courting – it actually Lovedays counts in seconds! You can see the days, weeks, and months on your screen.

We’re not sure if the developer is doing much with it anymore. At the very least, it’s free to download and play with. It’s a countdown app, but it does so much more than just show you how many days are left until your next date or anniversary. It even allows you to change your phone’s lock screen or background to a photo with how many days are left in your countdown.

Sauna Plus Lovedays

Communication plays a key role in long-distance relationships. Whether you are separated by borders or oceans, you can still share your emotions and thoughts with your partner through the digital medium. App Store purchases are safe and simple, so you can start playing, gaming, reading — or just doing — right away.

The Plus version also boasts colorful skins and themes to make interactions pop. It’s a private messaging and interaction application for two people in love. When the distance is breaking your heart, it’s nice to see the timer and remind yourself how far you both have come. You can customize this app with a picture of you both.

Tire Rotation Service

There are hundreds of dares included in this game, and new ones are being uploaded on a weekly basis. So, there’s a ton of ideas for you to check out, and keep things fresh. Postagram is an app for creating custom photo postcards. This is a great app choice if you’d like to surprise your partner with a nice postcard. There are tons of styles to choose from here, and you can really include your personal touch. Now, just to be clear, you do create postcards virtually, but they’re actually being made, and sent to your significant other, as it should be.

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  • Here is a handy guide How to Download and Install APK and XAPK files.

You and your boo can take up interesting daily quizzes with multiple choice answers to let each other know your turn-ons, turn-off, likes and dislikes in bed. To start off, you need to identify the preferred love language by taking a short quiz. From here on, you can set customized goals of expressing love to each other. Whenever in need of some loving and comforting, you can simply nudge your partner for it.

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