Academic integrity is created on sincerity, fairness and respect. Academic integrity

Academic integrity is created on sincerity, fairness and respect. Academic integrity

Students, faculty and staff at UVic are users of a community that is intellectual. As a result, it is expected that we’ll adhere to ethical values in all our learning, teaching and research.

We now have a lot of resources on educational integrity. Among the best techniques for getting info is to speak to your program teachers and TAs. You can be helped by them realize and stick to the complex guidelines of scholastic integrity.

The Centre for Academic correspondence (CAC) plus the library that is UViccitation help) will help you realize educational expectations at UVic.

How come this matter? You should know that your particular tasks are being fairly examined.

this consists of understanding that other students lack an advantage that is unfair cheating.

You will be in charge of educational work which you distribute or work on with others. You might be anticipated to stick to the ethical values of sincerity, trust, fairness, respect and duty. This implies perhaps not cheating, plagiarizing, falsifying materials, making use of an unauthorized editor or acting in other academically dishonest means.

The core values of scholastic integrity will also be helpful beyond college. The relevant skills you learn is likely to be fundamental to your success in your community and workplace.

What’s scholastic dishonesty? Academic dishonesty includes, it is not restricted to:

  • Having an editor, whether compensated or unpaid, unless the trainer grants explicit written authorization.
  • Fraudulently laboratory that is manipulating, electronic information or research information to experience desired outcomes.
  • Utilizing work ready in entire or in component by some other person ( ag e.g., commercially prepared essays) and publishing it as your very very own.
  • Citing a supply from where product had not been obtained.
  • Employing a quoted reference from the non-original supply while implying mention of the the initial supply.
  • Publishing false documents, information or information written down or orally.
  • Copying the responses or other work of some other individual.
  • Sharing information or responses when performing take-home projects, tests or exams except where in fact the trainer has authorized collaborative work.
  • Having any materials or gear in a test or exam aside from those authorized because of the examiners.
  • Accessing unauthorized information whenever doing take-home projects, tests or exams.
  • Impersonating student for an exam or test, or becoming assigned the outcomes of these an impersonation.
  • Attempting or accessing to gain access to exams or tests prior to it being allowed to take action.
  • Helping or trying to assist others to take part in some of the conduct described above.

Policies & effects

UVic has an insurance policy on scholastic integrity. The insurance policy includes definitions and integrity that is academic examples. It details the method accompanied whenever there are allegations of violations of educational integrity and defines penalties that are possible. The insurance policy is applicable in every educational surroundings, including face-to-face and learning that is online.

Your liberties and obligations

You will be accountable for the content that is entire kind of your projects. You will be additionally accountable to stick to the integrity that is academic in all educational activities. If you’re uncertain, speak to your instructor.

It is necessary which you are aware of your rights, responsibilities and regulations for how violations are handled that you read the entire academic integrity policy yourself so. The insurance policy within the educational calendar is going to be utilized because the foundation for applying the integrity policy that is academic.

You’ve got the straight to be heard while the directly to a process that is fair. The college takes allegations of violations of scholastic integrity seriously. If a teacher is worried which you have actually violated the insurance policy, they have to report it and notify their seat.

If you should be purported to have violated the insurance policy, the scholastic division must inform you written down. In the event that you will not take part in the method, the seat may check out produce a dedication on whether a breach took place.

To learn more about your liberties and responsibilities, begin to see the ombudsperson’s advice on plagiarism and integrity that is academic.

Coping with an allegation of breaking the insurance policy

If you should be contacted about an issue you will probably have violated the educational integrity policy by committing plagiarism or any other types of violations, look at the ombudsperson’s internet site for advice. You could contact them straight at 250-721-8357 or


If you’re discovered responsible of breaking the scholastic integrity policy, the charges could be:

  • a grade of zero for the project
  • a failing grade when it comes to entire program
  • a notation on the transcript
  • disciplinary probation
  • suspension system
  • rejection of components or most of your thesis

The penalty assigned differs by scenario, it is especially severe each time pupil has recently committed one breach. Along side these penalties, you will also get a page of reprimand. This page will stick to your apply for 5 years.

Plagiarism FAQs

How to avoid plagiarism? When do I need to paraphrase?

When you’re doing group work, consult with your teacher or TA about what work you have to do independently and what you can do together.

Paraphrasing is a way that is good convey an author’s point without distracting from yours. If their writing is complex, you are able to paraphrase and simplify it which will make your projects simpler to read. You need to be sure you represent the information accurately.

How can I paraphrase properly?

Make yes you’re presenting the author’s opinion accurately. Be specific in what information is one of the author and what exactly is your viewpoint. You must cite your supply, even if paraphrasing.

Whenever must I summarize?

Summarizing an argument that is author’s a method to produce context for a disagreement. As a whole, summaries are helpful being an introduction to an author’s reasoning. If their article is very important to your argument, you need to use an overview to demonstrate why it’s important.

Whenever you’re really dealing with this article at length, it is frequently better to quote or paraphrase.

Just how do I summarize?

You are trying to convey the most important point in an article when you summarize. good solution to try this would be to browse the whole article and attempt to put its primary part of a solitary phrase of your terms. Double-check that the author’s thesis declaration will follow that which you have actually written.

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